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MinorinMD Lifestyle
Medicine Clinic


Want to know how to embrace the joy of life by becoming the healthiest version of yourself?


Want to know how to have a healthy pregnancy and postpartum journey?


Want to know how to thrive and feel your best during menopause?

Chronic Disease

Want to know more about how to prevent, manage, or even reverse chronic disease?

General Health

Or, you simply want to know how to grow and achieve holistic health in all areas of your life?


Welcome to MLMC (MinorinMD Lifestyle Medicine Clinic)!

A clinic that focuses on holistic wellness to help women from all cultures and backgrounds achieve a better quality of life. 

We look at all aspects of health- physical, mentally, spiritually, emotionally- and work with you to create a plan wellness.

We look forward to working with you. 



Ready to make a change for your health, but not sure if this clinic will address your needs? Schedule a consultation call.

Ready to Get Started

Take the first step in your journey by scheduling an appointment with MLMC.

Follow-Up Care

Already established with MLMC? Schedule your follow-up and stay on track in your health journey.

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Crystal Salt

MinorinMD in Action

This is a safe space for all of us to share in each others' journey through life. You are welcome to rest here and take in all of the knowledge, wisdom, experience, and community. I also want to make sure I offer you the platform to share as well. We want to hear your story and give you to opportunity to be a part of this community in a way that best serves you. 

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Looking for an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals who are focused on healing and growing? Check out the "Resources" tab.

Image by Dr.Sourabh Panari


Looking for opportunities to heal and grow into the best version of yourself and live life abundantly? Check out "Couch Conversations with Sasha Love (CCSL)" and "Health Thoughts." 

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Do you want to start, lead, or offer resources that will be of assistance to fellow Black/Caribbean women? Please email us at

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